Welcome to Event Uplighting

Dracut, Ma Contact (978)-815-4975
Q. Do you use L.E.D Light's ?
A. Yes all of our lighting is L.E.D!

Q. How Does event Uplighting price its service?
A. Event Uplighting feels the only fair way to price Uplighting is to meet with you and tour your event Facility. We do not price per guest or by           "guesstimate". We feel that each Event is different, and each budget is as well. Event Uplighting does however have a minimum price please            contact us for more info.

Q. Is your Uplighting wireless?
A. Yes and No....Event Uplighting will use a wired fixture where needed and or a wireless fixture where needed. Event Uplighting feels 
     that the marketing of "wireless Up lights" for all is not in the best interest of our clients. When using a wired fixture all wires are 
     out of sight and out of mind.

Q. What type of light do you use or brand name ?
A. We use many types of light's Bars, Par's and panels Ect as well as many Brands . Not all lights work in all situations. Event UpLighting feels that      There is no "one size" fits all approach here!

Q. Is your Up-Lighting Interactive or DMX?
Yes are lighting is both DMX and interactive. (DMX is a industry slandered protocol for lighting control)

Q. Does Event Uplighting have someone with the lights at all times?
A. yes/no our techs may leave the room from time to time. Also if your Uplighting is a non interactive color, and if the DJ/Entertainer  is one of our      trusted vendors there may not be a Tech in the room 100% of the time just at the    
     beginning and End of the event any problems that may come up can be handled by our trusted vendors. If your Uplighting is Interactive there          will be a Tech 100% of the time. 
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